The day that changed my life

"She never seemed shattered to me, she was a breath taking mosaic of the battles she won."

Sharing my book has been a dream come true, however straight after I went into worst flare of my life, then an extremely bad chest infection, but I didn't have a pity party! No, instead I realized that no matter your past, or your situation you, YOU CAN DO GREAT THINGS! Sickness has stopped me from helping as much as I want, even myself, but it won't win. It won't discourage me. I'll keep being a breath taking mosaic.

When you suffer ptsd, clinical depression, social anxiety and autoimmune conditions there will be triggers often. Especially when you put yourself out there. Even when following our passion. I won't always 'get it right' but I do know each day is a chance to flip the switch and turn it around. Let's face it when your bedridden 70% of your life its easy to sit and wonder when will you 'be better.' I might not be able to change my body.

However, the day I sat down at the computer was the day I changed my life.

Stay beautifully broken x