Taking my health back, AIP style!

Here’s my AIP story so far… (sorry it’s lengthy, but not as long as my health issues have been LOL)

Three years ago, I contracted Glandular Fever (Mono) and I put on 30 kg! Once I was well - 6 months later until I even felt normal- thank you very much - I gradually lost ten doing nothing. However, I over lockdown, I ended up bed ridden (glandular fever affected the nerves in my back and I had periods of not being able to move, thank good ness lockdown was the last time this happened) and I put back on 5. I wasn’t thrilled, I’d preferred to lose more than the first ten I’d lost.

Last year I worked hard on getting my long-awaited book out and I neglected my health a little. With fibromyalgia, and a multitude of autoimmune conditions, I knew something had to change. Because exercise can induce flares, I saw food had to be number one change. I also had a suspicion I had multiple food intolerances.

Hello AIP! (Autoimmune Response Protocol)

I undertook this page to maintain my accountability, and the transformation has been astounding. I have almost no pain, and fibro fog and fatigue have vanished! From almost bed ridden to walking! Restorative yoga and gentle swimming and light cardio added recently. I’ve lost 3 kgs in three weeks, but so far but it is more about health for me.

I read Dr. Libby’s books and she is correct about one thing. After a few weeks of eating right, my cravings evaporated and my never ending hunger subsided. I no longer snack between meals (though if I’m doing cardio, I have a light snack an hour before for energy and sometimes have the odd snack with the kids in the afternoon). My weight goal to lose was 10 kgs by 1st April, which is ambitious, but at a 1 kg a week, I’m on my way. Once I hit my goal weight, I won’t stop as this is still about health! It’s a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

Ditched the scales anyway because: muscles heavier than fat, water weight adds up, and your best health indicator is the respectable old tape measure (or your cloth


I’m experiencing severe heart burn and most likely have gastritis. I’m continuing to see this as proof of my body’s healing especially because the first few days on AIP diet I slept IN THE DAY! Something I struggled to do even with a newborn. I could feel my body healing. From 28 years old, my body has been that of a 50-year-old. From 3 years ago that of a 60-year-old (and an unhealthy one at that). It was suggested I settle into a wheelchair and I was determined that in no way am I ready for a wheelchair by 40. Something MUST change. They suggest that you can’t cure fibromyalgia… but I won’t go down without a fight.

I don’t know if you’ve joined me, but if you have, please share your experience. Click on the photo to visit my Autoimmune Response Meals and Tips).