Pleasant Point author E.R.Stowell overcame post-traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD) and now uses her experiences to write real and struggling characters in her debut novel 'Beautifully Broken'. The pages explore passion, healing, but also abuse and trauma within the poetically erotic novel with a powerful message.

     ‘Beautifully Broken’ is written so it could be a standalone, but is the first in a series. ‘Beautifully Breaking’ and ‘Beautifully Becoming’ will be released within the next year as part of the Good Girl, Bad Girl series. The first shipment sold out within hours, well ahead of the launch date of 4th November, and continues to delight fans.

One of the first first authors to be featured on a Billboard on the busy streets of Auckland, New Zealand, E.R.Stowell (who also sufferers Fibromyalgia) wants everyone to know that you can have health issues and still follow your dreams. 

"When situations don’t work out to plan something beautiful can emerge to amaze us.”."


Stay beautifully broken x

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Beautifully Broken available here

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Beautifully Broken 

After a complicated childhood and a traumatic past, Sarah Cook became the ultimate Good Girl. Her partner, the kind and handsome Brian Marshall, has become her safe place; the stability she never received as a youth.

When the sophistically rough Julian Cooper steps into her life, Bad Girl resurfaces. Endless work pressure, an eccentric mother, an eventful holiday, and a secret that could destroy her friend’s career all send Sarah spiralling into renewed anxiety.

Soaked in Julian’s cloud of intoxication, Sarah’s darkest desires bubble to the surface like hot oil seeping through her life.  Beside the lonely beauty of the New Zealand shoreline, Sarah’s about to find out how much life can change in a matter of weeks.


For it isn’t just her body he’s awakened; it’s but the non-negotiable desire of her soul.


“I’m sitting in a dark room with tissues all around bawling my eyes out. I absolutely loved Beautifully broken. I ADORE your poetry. I had a big knot in my chest the whole time I was reading and feel exhausted. What have you done? It’s absolutely fab and I’m so looking forward to Beautifully breaking.”

Cassidy Ryne Author.



“Characters are likable and relatable. Similar angst that drove 50 shades but much more poetically erotic.”

Angela Gordon


"I have so many emotions flying around right now. Your poetry is beautiful, and your writing is just as poetic in nature. The readers quickly thrown into the story. Sarah’s so tragically broken it breaks your heart almost from the beginning. As the story grew, I only grew to love her more. Her upbringing she brings into her life make it obvious she suffers deep within her. The good girl, bad girl that fought her throughout the book is written exquisitely. I just had to write you and tell you how much the book impacted me.”


Available from Amazon

Beautifully Broken available here

New Zealand ask your local bookshop or feel free to email me directly.

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